Ian Kessler-Gowell

Artist Statement

Working with glass I try to find balance between careful making and playful exploration. I attempt to focus on simple clean functional ware. But often veer into weirdness. I find object making to be a very abstract form of story telling, the building blocks of a cultural identity. Whether it the richness of ancient objects worn with use or the crispness of modern design, it is how they capture a sense of time and place that speaks without words.


Ian Kessler-Gowell grew up in Falls Church, Virginia. He attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA where he earned a B.F.A. Ian focused on working with glass and wood while exploring a variety of other materials and approaches. During college, Ian also pursued other interests, including volunteering with aquaponic research, and attending a workshop at Paolo Soleri’s Experimental City, Arcosanti, in Arizona. Ian is a former resident artist at the EnergyXchange in North Carolina.